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Meet our Partners


About: Alama is an educational initiative that aims to provide high-quality learning experiences to students in Egypt, by offering MOOCs with support of local staff. Alama organized one of the largest CS50x Puzzle Day groups in early 2017, and will now offer CS50x to 45 students in Cairo starting in the summer of 2017.

Location: Cairo, Egypt.

BrainBasket Foundation

About: BrainBasket Foundation is a nonprofit organization that stands for development of ICT education in Ukraine. It is the largest social educational institution in Ukraine that has subsidiaries in more than 40 cities (mainly based on the premises of reequipped public libraries). They have enrolled more than 3000 students from all over Ukraine for CS50x course and plan to expand further into underserved regions of the country. As well in 2017 they have launched several groups in Slovakia.

Locations: Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, and 35 smaller cities in Ukraine; Bratislava, Kosice, and Zilina in Slovakia

Fundación Uno

About: Fundación Uno is a nonprofit organization focused on providing high-quality education to students in Central America. They've launched successful math programs in recent years, and are now starting to teach computer science using CS50's curriculum. They piloted a CS50x course with 25 students, and are planning to teach to more than 100 students starting January 2017.

Location: Managua, Nicaragua.

Miami Dade College

About: Miami Dade College, in partnership with The Idea Center in Miami, aim to support entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas to life with their experiential learning, immersive programs, and motivational events. Their programs aim to prepare students with relevant skills to successfully start their own business or launch their career. The program is industry-agnostic and welcomes students and community members of all disciplines. They use CS50's curriculum as the core material for preparing students who want to get into the technology industry, and have offered the CS50x course several times.

Location: Miami, FL.


About: Phandeeyar is an innovation lab designed to support social innovation, civictech and education in Myanmar. Phandeeyar brings the tech community together with others who are moving Myanmar forward – such as civil society organizations, social enterprises and independent media – to build the digital tools, platforms and content to accelerate change and development. Phandeeyar will be organizing and leading a CS50x course in Myanmar for about 100 students.

Location: Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).

Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

About: Universidad Adolofo Ibáñez (UAI), with campuses in Santiago and Viña del Mar, Chile, redesigned their "Intro to Programming" course using most of CS50's curriculum. A group of 12 professors worked together to translate most of the material to Spanish, and offered in-person lectures and sections as part of an official university course. In Spring 2016, they taught CS50x to over 600 engineering students, and have plans to continue offering it.

Location: Santiago & Viña del Mar, Chile.

Universidad Technológica Privada de Santa Cruz

About: Universidad Technológica Privada de Santa Cruz (UTEPSA), based in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, is offering a CS50x course aimed at helping engineering students acquire a strong foundation in computer science. Their adaptation of the course mimics a CS50-style lecture to engage students in an interesting way.

Location: Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

University College London

About: The University College London (UCL), in partnership with UCLU TechSoc, is offering a local support structure for CS50x, aimed at introducing students to computer science, and technology more broadly. The first class launched in October, 2016.

Location: London, UK.

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